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What’s Up the Observatory of Eilat and the Arava
Passover’s on it’s way

This Passover we will have 3 nightly Stargazing shows

Waiting to see through the eyepiece of the telescope.

Boredom never sets in

All shows include our special “a Star is born” program.

7:30pm (19:30) The Winter sky, including Venus and Jupiter

9:00pm (21:00) the winter sky, including Jupiter
4:30am (4:30) Sunrise coffee. Welcome the Summer sky in the early morning. See Saturn high in the sky. Hot coffee and the summer “a Star is born” program until Sunrise.

Sunrise coffee

A dark sky and a low fire with bubbling hot coffee and tea


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Last night I had a large group of people and we were able to see Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. At around 10 enough of the "summer triangle" was showing to see my favorite binary system of Albireo. The next few nights an unimposing crescent moon will be added to our representatives of the solar system.

Tomorrow night May 21 the moon will be approaching Venus and the nest night May 22 it will have passed to Venus's East
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Last night I was out, beginning about half past midnight. The scorpion and the summer triangle were already high and the Milky Way was at it's grandness. In just one month's time we will reach the same position at 10:30 and I hope to see it during my visit to the States at the Smithsonian Institute's Saturday night Star party in the mountain of Virginia.
I will be away from May 29 until June 18 and will return to show all comers my "Star is Born" program in the amazing Summer Sky.
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